Boudoir Specials

If you've always looked at boudoir and thought "Pictures in my underwear!? I can't do THAT!!", I'm here to show you it can be SO much more!
I hear it from ladies all the time - "I'm no model", "I don't know how to look sexy", "I'm too shy", or even "I just need to lose a little more weight"

Guess what? You don't have to be a model, you don't have to TRY to look sexy, almost everyone is a little shy at first (but I'm told I make everyone feel really at ease!) and your special someone loves you exactly how you look today. Everyone is their own toughest critic, but I will expertly guide you into poses that minimize your least favorite areas and accentuate what you like the most! Plus, sexy doesn't HAVE to mean lingerie. It can be a glamorous gown, an oversized sweater, jeans and a T-shirt - the possibilities are endless! This year I'm offering two different options, so which fits your needs best?


Option 1:

Traditional Studio Boudoir Session

1 hour in-studio

Average of 3 outfits

30-40 proofs ideal for those interested in a book or album

1- 11x14 Print or $150 off any book or album purchase

Book and Album options listed here:

$50 deposit to book and $45 due day of the session.

Schedule your session no later than Jan 27 for Valentine's delivery for most albums


Option 2:

Boudie Shorts February 4&5

One Outfit Only

10-20 proofs to choose from

Images ready the same day

Includes 1-8x10 of your favorite pose

Great for those who are short on time, on a tight budget or who aren't quite ready to commit to a full boudoir shoot!



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